DC-NET - Digital Cultural heritage NETwork is an ERA-NET (European Research Area Network) project, financed by the European Commission under the e-Infrastructure - Capacities Programme of the FP7.

The main aim is to develop and to strengthen the co-ordination of the public research programmes among the European countries, in the sector of the digital cultural heritage.

This scope will be pursued by the participating Ministries of Culture by endorsing a Joint Plan of Activities, to be initiated already during the project time-frame, through a wide and intensive programme of seminars, workshops, meetings and Presidential conferences dedicated to the encounter of the digital cultural heritage sector with the technological research and the e-Infrastructure providers in Europe.

The DC-NET project started on the 1st December 2009 and ended the 31st March 2012.

To know more about the project, download the DC-NET booklet (.zip, 1570 kb).


Digital preservation services: state of the art analysys

This publication, edited by by Raivo Ruusalepp and Milena Dobreva, presents an overview of the state of the art in service provision for digital preservation and curation. Its focus is on the areas where bridging the gaps is needed between e-Infrastructures and efficient and forward-looking digital preservation services. Based on a desktop study and a rapid analysis of some 190 currently available tools and services for digital preservation, the deliverable provides a high-level view on the range of instruments currently on offer to support various functions within a preservation system.
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DC-NET Service priorities and best practices for digital cultural heritage

This publication, edited by DC-NET WP3, intends to give an overview of Service Priorities and Best Priorities and Best Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage. It is targeted to institutions from the cultural heritage domain invlolved in the creation and use of online data resources for DCH that could benefit from e-Infrastructures as well as to e-Infrastructures service providers, which can learn more about cultural institutions needs in order to offer more empowered services.
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DC-NET International Final Conference

The conference has taken place in Rome, Italy, last 8 March 2012. This were the main topics discussed: How can e-Infrastructures support digital cultural heritage? What can Member States do so that cultural institutions may benefit from the research infrastructures? What are the priorities to be addressed? The final DC-NET international conference will answer to these questions. The talks will focus on the results of the project in terms of reflections and concrete actions. The conference is targeted to digital cultural heritage experts, e-infrastructures providers and policy makers.
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DC-NET Training workshops

The workshops aimed at providing basic knowledge on e-infrastructure, their typologies and usage. User stories will demonstrate how their potential can also effectively serve the cultural institutions and not only the world of research. These training days are targeted to decision makers and experts in cultural institutions that operate in the ICT and digitization of cultural heritage.
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Learning material useful to cultural institutions who are approaching e-infrastructures for the first time.
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